Endpoint Detection and Response

Use unparalleled visibility to detect and respond rapidly to threats across your entire organization.

XDR: the next-generation evolution of EDR

Easily integrate, correlate and contextualize data from multiple security signal sources across your entire organization. Detect, respond and prevent threats from a single console in a language any human can read​.

Unified Visibility

Leverage access to multiple sensors for automated incident assembly across endpoints, identity, network, cloud and productivity applications.

Turn siloed data into actionable insights and get a view across your entire organization, as well as individual endpoints, enabling seamless detection and response.

Detection, Response, Prevention

Understand an incident with a graphical, intuitive view of the entire attack lifecycle, the impact on the organization, and any correlated incidents.

Quickly determine root cause with  analysis to define security protocols and prevent similar attacks in the future.

Single-Click Response

Turn insights into action across your environment.​

The response framework delivers guided response actions to quickly execute intelligent incident response.

Unify alerts and simplify organization-wide investigations


GravityZone eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) 

natively detects attacks across your entire organization including physical and IoT devices, hybrid-, multi-cloud platforms, and cloud-native workloads and services.

XDR combines automated threat detection and root cause analysis by assembling signals from disparate systems and presenting them in a format anyone can makes sense of. Security teams don’t need to perform manual analysis and can instead focus on rapidly responding to incidents across identity, network, email, cloud, and endpoints.

Capabilities & Benefits

Visibility Beyond Managed Endpoints

Broad and deep observability of security incidents and events from disparate sources for detecting attacks involving non-endpoint or non-protected devices. We assemble security incidents by correlating security signals using our XDR sensors across endpoints, cloud, email, identity, and network.​

Bitdefender named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security, Q4 2023

The independent report evaluated top providers and how they stack up, confirming, in our opinion Bitdefender as a global leader in cybersecurity. The report notes Bitdefender “differentiates with its aggressive prevention-first mindset”.

One integrated XDR platform​

Integrated, single-vendor solution

Native XDR solution with turnkey sensor integrations deployed to on-premises and cloud infrastructures.

Intuitive Security

Highly effective cloud-based analytics combined with context specific to your environment to detect complex attacks early and provide 360 degree visibility and control in a human-readable format.

Advanced Threat Detection​ and Incident Response

First-hand, actionable threat intelligence collected through the Global Protective Network (GPN) protecting hundreds of millions of systems globally integrated into GravityZone XDR.

Managed Detection and Response​

Bitdefender MDR, leveraging Bitdefender GravityZone XDR, keeps organization safe with 24×7 security monitoring, advanced attack prevention, detection and remediation, targeted and risk-based threat hunting.

See GravityZone XDR in action

GravityZone XDR is built on the top of world-class endpoint prevention controls across multiple sensors, including endpoints, identity, network, cloud, and productivity applications. We’ll handle all your cyberthreats while you handle your business.

How Does Bitdefender XDR Work?

“GravityZone XDR provides excellent visibility across our network and alerts us quickly to any potential threats so we can take proper action. We receive a real-time risk score which we monitor closely and make changes as needed to keep our risk level low.”

S. Kamarudeen
IT Infrastructure Manager, ENPI

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized as a cybersecurity leader by independent testing organizations,
industry analyst firms and media outlets.

What is GravityZone Extended Detection and Response (XDR) used for?
GravityZone XDR exposes the full scope of cyberattacks – stealthy or otherwise – by connecting signals from different, scattered tools over time and delivering deeper context through automated evidence collection, root cause analysis, and recommended response actions.​
What are the key components of GravityZone XDR?

GravityZone XDR offers full threat detection and response using the endpoint, network, cloud and identity sensors. The wider GravityZone platform also offers prevention and protection solutions, such as patching mobile security, and endpoint and cloud workload protection.

How does GravityZone XDR work?

Our central correlation engine uses machine learning algorithms to identify relationships among impacted systems, objects, and events collected from our sensors across endpoint, cloud, identity, and productivity application sources. This information is then used to generate an interactive, graphical representation of the security incident and recommend response actions to remediate and contain threats.

What is the level of required technical skills for using GravityZone XDR?

GravityZone XDR provides valuable information regardless of your skill level. Each extended security incident provides a human-readable explanation accompanied by an actionable view of what has occurred across your organization and recommended responses.

How is GravityZone XDR licensed?

As each environment is unique, GravityZone XDR allows choosing the right coverage and visibility for our customers, by combining GravityZone Business Security Enterprise and a separately purchasable add-on for each sensor category (Network, Identity, Cloud, Productivity Apps).