Bitdefender's June 2023 Threat Debrief

Bitdefender's June 2023 Threat Debrief

Bitdefender's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, along with its Cyber Intelligence Fusion Cell (CIFC), provides comprehensive protection to customers by actively monitoring their environments and staying vigilant against emerging cyber threats. CIFC acts as a trusted advisor, leveraging its intelligence monitoring expertise to ensure customer security and mitigate risks.

From the beginning of the MDR service, CIFC collaborates with customers, utilizing their landscape information to activate intelligence alerts based on essential data. These alerts are tailored to the specific threat models constructed using customer-provided information and open-source intelligence research, keeping CIFC and customers informed about potential risks.

Once onboarded, CIFC diligently monitors customers using advanced threat intelligence tools, tracking and prioritizing alerts. Notifications are customized to specific event discoveries, ensuring effective management of situations such as typosquatting or credential leaks.

CIFC's engagement with customers extends to addressing day-to-day concerns promptly through Requests for Information (RFI). RFIs cover a broad range of subjects, from basic malware inquiries to complex questions about global events that could impact customer environments. This proactive approach allows CIFC and customers to address potential threats promptly.

CIFC's intelligence-driven hunts play a vital role in investigating potential leads based on findings from customer environments. By considering non-static indicators and going beyond typical indicators of compromise, CIFC can efficiently rule out harmful threats. Multiple intelligence sources and threat intelligence tools are employed to deliver timely and relevant information to customers, ensuring their environments remain secure.

Bitdefender's recent ransomware report emphasized the significance of spear phishing attacks as an initial attack vector, with ransomware infections serving as the final stage. The report highlighted that opportunistic adversaries and certain Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) groups focus on volume rather than higher-value targets. It's important to note that the report analyzed ransomware detections, not actual infections, gathered in May 2023.

With Bitdefender's MDR service and CIFC's proactive and intelligence-driven approach, customers can rely on comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats, allowing them to focus on their core operations with peace of mind.

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